Dawn Ireland Author of Mastering Your Money
Mastering Your Money by Dawn Ireland will take the mystery out of why checks bounce.

The book is perfect for people starting out on their own, high school and college students, anyone recovering from a divorce or tragic ending of a relationship where they are thrust into the role of responsibility for their household.

You will learn: Why checks bounce. What happens when checks bounce. How to make your checkbook your financial guru. How to completely understand how to maintain your checkbook properly so you can safely use online banking without disasters. 

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Mastering Your Moeny by Dawn Ireland
Mastering Your Money by Dawn Ireland
Dawn Ireland has done a great job of explaining the ins and outs of managing your checking account. The instructions are clear and concise and take the mystery out of balancing an account. What I especially liked was the suggestion for creating a sub account for a little nest egg. I had never thought of that idea. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced checkbook user, you’ll find this set of instructions a lot better than the ones on the back of bank statements.

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Mastering Your Money will take the mystery out of maintaining your checkbook.
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